Your Complimentary Therapist Match

If you’re not sure which therapist would suit you best, we can help you make the right choice.


That is why we provide a free therapist matching service, read on for more!


Furthermore, should you feel after your first session, that your therapist is not a good fit for you, we’ll review your needs and provide a session with another therapist at CTM free of charge.

Our Experts

We pride ourselves on the training, experience and knowledge of our therapists. Each brings their own unique perspective to each client. Together we brings decades of experience to the table and have assisted hundreds of individuals and couples create happy, healthy journeys.


Our Care

Finding the right therapist for you is essential to help support you on your journey. We are all unique in how we work with each other, and finding the best possible fit is vitally important to us here at Couples Therapy Melbourne. It is widely recognised that a good rapport between you and your therapist forms the foundation for successful therapy. At CTM we want you to work with the therapist who suits you best.

Matching you with the right person

Find a strong relationship and creating a bond with your therapist is essential, that's why we take great care in matching you with the right person. We want you to choose the right fit for you, and develop the bond you need to guide you forward. That is why we provide a free therapist matching service, read on for more!

What we offer:


Couples Therapy Melbourne offers a complimentary 15 minute discovery call to help us determine your needs and match you to the right therapist.


To take up this offer please email us to book a 15 Minute Discovery Call Enquiry.