Separation & Mediation: Things to Consider from a Family Lawyer

Separation & Mediation: Things to Consider from a Family Lawyer

If you’re considering separation and want to use the help of lawyers, but you’re afraid it will only make things worse, this article is for you.

When separation is on the horizon, a real fear of navigating that process with lawyers is that is it can be incredibly invasive, stir up emotions, and ultimately make you and your partner worse off.  That’s why, at Couples Therapy Melbourne, we make sure to support our clients in whatever stage their relationship is in, whether that’s to heal or to uncouple as peacefully as possible.

So we’ve spoken to family lawyers at Rockwell Bates in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD who specialise in mediation designed to help couples separate with respect and understanding, so that you and your partner can finally put this process to rest and move forward.

What’s more, our colleague Daniel Myers, a Principal Solicitor and Mediator at Rockwell Bates, has a psychology background and is attuned to many of the difficult experiences clients go through during separation.  This means that at Rockwell Bates, not just your assets will be looked after but your wellbeing throughout the process will be too.

To listen to a podcast from Daniel about family law mediation, including a checklist for clients to have in place before you even begin the mediation process, click here!