Couples Therapy and Individual Counselling sessions run for approximately 50 mins.


Our Rates range from $180 – $220 (Depending on therapist, location and time of appointment)

It is important to us that we can provide relationship help as affordably as  possible. To help us do that, there are rebates from both public and private health insurance that you may be eligible for if you book a counselling session with a Psychologist.


Please note, we have sessions available with both Psychologists and Counsellors.

PRIVATE HEALTH FUND REBATES should apply if you have ‘Psychology’ as an extra, however we do recommend that you contact your insurer and check your level of cover. These rebates can be processed at the time of your session with your Psychologist.

MEDICARE REBATES may apply if you are suffering stress, anxiety, depression, anger problems, sexual difficulties of any kind and some other mental health problems.


Our fully registered Psychologists are registered with Medicare, allowing clients with a referral and a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) from their GP to receive a substantial rebate.

To obtain a referral & MHCP, make an appointment with your GP and they will be able to assist you with this process.

The MHCP entitles you to Medicare rebates for 10 individual and 10 group sessions in a calendar year. After your 6thsession, your psychologist will advise your GP if you need the extra 4 sessions.


Relationship counselling as such does not qualify you for a Mental Health Care Plan in and of itself, but you may be able to use your plan for appointments which involve some relationship counselling. Please discuss with your therapist about what is possible.

The Medicare rebate is $88.25 for a Registered Psychologist, and $77.80 for an Accredited Social Worker. These rebates can be processed at the time of your session.

Unfortunately, you may not utilise both your private health insurance and Medicare Mental Health Care plan together for the same session.