Anxiety Can Be Completely Debilitating

Anxiety Can Be Completely Debilitating

Depression and anxiety are different for each person. You might have feelings of profound sadness and emotional emptiness, a sort of “flatlining” of the spirit. Or you may experience severe irritability and anger over small things.

You may feel tired and unmotivated much of the time. You may not want to get out of bed. You might feel as if you are dragging yourself around.

If you experience anxiety, you might feel nervous and have fears that seem to make little sense. Anxiety makes it nearly impossible to function and relate to others. You may worry all the time and feel your thoughts are out of control.

Maybe you feel lonely or have trouble in relationships because of anxiety or depression. Perhaps relationships never last. Or the one you are in now seems like an ongoing struggle—or it could be that it feels empty, like it’s not going anywhere.

Do You Recognize Some of These Symptoms of Unhappiness, Depression & Anxiety?
  • you frequently experience intense sadness or loneliness
  • you often have negative thoughts about yourself, your life and your future
  • you are often irritable and get upset over small things
  • you are tired all the time and lack energy
  • you have lost your appetite or you overeat
  • you have difficulty remembering things, concentrating or making decisions
  • you are frustrated at your inability to have fulfilling and lasting relationships
  • you experience intense, irrational fears or panic attacks

Sometimes it’s hard to know if depression or anxiety is causing the problems in your life and relationships, or if your life experiences are causing the sadness and anxiety. The truth is, it could be both.

Healing yourself is the first step to feeling better about yourself and your relationships.

But chances are you can’t do it all on your own, or you would have done it by now. This is where a psychologist or therapist comes in…

You can overcome depression, anxiety and feelings of loneliness, but you may need help. As a registered psychologist and member of the Australian Psychological Society’s college of Counselling Psychologists, I can help you manage your depression and the relationship problems that are likely going along with it.

As your therapist, I will work together with you to help lift your mood, improve your way of thinking and bring back the joy to your life, all in a safe, non-judgmental setting.

Benefits of Working with Me in Therapy:
  • Freedom from depression and negative thinking
  • Increased optimism and hope for your future
  • Greater self-worth and confidence
  • Emotional healing, forgiveness and peace of mind
  • Increased energy with excitement for life again
  • Deeper, more satisfying relationships with strong communication