Couples Counselling

Couples Therapy Melbourne  provides a non-judgmental and supportive space in which intense, often painful emotions can be fully expressed and acknowledged. You might be experiencing a crisis of trust, a loss of intimacy, or a breakdown of communication. Or you might seek couples therapy looking to reconnect and rediscover a relationship which has changed with time, the birth of children, or the effect of other life events.


Whatever the circumstances of your relationship, we will work with both you and your partner to help you identify the best way of progressing. Even if your partner is not ready to enter counselling, we can still help you take the first steps in bringing about change.


Ultimately, as you leave behind defeating and destructive patterns, couples therapy can allow you to create the conditions for a stronger, more open, and mutually fulfilling partnership to flourish.


In the past, couples have sought counselling to:

  • Improve communication and understanding
  • Restore trust after infidelity
  • Help resolve intercultural, interracial, and inter-religious difficulties
  • Recover a loss of attraction and/or intimacy
  • Navigate the challenging decisions around, and process of, separation and divorce
  • Help adjust to the shift in dynamics caused by the birth of children
  • Begin a new partnership or marriage on a firm footing


With the expert support of your therapist, you will identify and address unresolved tensions in your relationship. You will learn better communication skills and new ways to approach problems, leaving behind defeating and destructive patterns.


Whether your aim is to restore love, passion and trust, or to formulate a new footing for your relationship, we can help you in achieving a future that is positive, balanced, and healthy.