Counselling Areas of Specialty

Counselling Areas of Specialty

Stress and anxiety counselling

You can suffer from stress and anxiety even if you are not aware of it. You may be someone who has only recently noticed that stress or anxiety is getting in the way of your life. It may have built up slowly over time or it may be due to a specific crisis that has occurred in your life. On the other hand, you may have a long history of chronic stress and anxiety and perhaps feel very discouraged about ever overcoming it.

Signs that you may benefit from counselling to reduce stress or anxiety:
Frequently feeling anxious, “jumpy” or “edgy”
Waking up in the night fretting about something
Ongoing nightmares
Feeling overwhelmed or consumed by fear
Recurring thoughts from the past that you can’t control
Physical signs of stress or anxiety such as shortness of breath, nausea, racing heart, etc
Panic attacks
Sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint where the symptoms of stress and anxiety may be coming from. As your therapist, I will work with you to help you uncover the root causes of your anxiety and help you find the best solutions for resolving them. As we work together, you can become more relaxed and calm. You will feel more at peace with yourself. Your life will become easier and you will experience more happiness.

If you think you could benefit from outcome-focused stress or anxiety counselling, please contact me. I am conveniently located in Melbourne CBD.

Depression Counselling

Depression, whether due to situational circumstances (e.g. loss of a loved one, relationship break-up, loss of a job, family crisis, personal injury, etc), or the result of a chronic condition, can be debilitating. It is often a ‘silent’ issue that people don’t want to talk about publicly even though many people experience it. Our society is still very judgemental about depression, which unfortunately, can cause you to feel even worse.

Signs that you may benefit from depression counselling in Melbourne:
Feeling lethargic, tired or unmotivated
A persistent empty or ‘blah’ feeling
Loss of interest in things that used to have meaning for you
Inability to sleep or sleeping too much
Isolating yourself from friends and family
Loss of appetite or increase in appetite
Thoughts of suicide or that life is not worth living
Through counselling, we will work on uncovering the deeper reasons for your depression so that you can feel better about yourself and your life. You will feel more motivated to engage in life and will feel more fulfilled and happy doing so. Together, we can work to get your life on the road to greater fulfilment and happiness.

If you think you could benefit from counselling to overcome depression, please contact me.I am located in Melbourne CBD.

Relationship counselling or couples therapy

Whether from a current or past relationship, ongoing on failed marriage, we can help you overcome painful memories or resolve current issues.

Relationship counselling for singles

Often single people come to therapy because they are tired of having unsuccessful or painful relationships. They often long for a partnership but either seem to have relationships involving a lot of conflict and pain, or relationships that they have trouble committing to.

Signs that you may benefit from therapy:
Your relationships are fraught with pain
You long for a relationship, but don’t know how to find a fulfilling one
You are shy or uncomfortable with intimacy
Sexual issues or problems often cause anxiety and distress in your relationship
You are unable to commit to a relationship, yet would love to have one.
The inability to have a successful relationship is often due to patterns developed in early childhood. As your relationship counsellor, I will work with you to help you breakthrough emotional and behavioural patterns that are interfering with your ability to develop a fulfilling relationship..

Marriage or Couples Counselling

Relationship problems can occur even in the best of relationships. The most common problems are related to poor communication – feeling unheard, arguments that never get resolved, not expressing feelings and desires to one another and blaming each another and sexual problems. More serious problems for couples include upheaval due to an extra-marital affair, relationships that are on the brink of separation, emotional or physical abuse, etc.

Signs That You May Benefit from Marriage or Couples Counselling:

  • Frequent arguments that never seem to get resolved
  • Withdrawal or avoidance of one another on a regular basis
  • A major decrease in emotional and/or sexual intimacy
  • One partner has had an affair
  • The relationship is not meeting your needs and there are issues of trust
  • You have started talking about separating or fear that you are headed in that direction
  • Your spouse does not want to enter relationship counselling with you, but you want therapy to help you improve your own life and/or to decide whether to stay or leave the relationship.
  • Communication is the key to all successful relationships. I provide couples with the tools they need to develop happy and fulfilling relationships. Even the most conflicted and unhappy relationships can be saved, if you as a couple decide that is what you want. Through couples or marriage
  • therapy you will discover how to express your needs to one another in healthy ways in order to deepen your intimacy and increase your satisfaction.

If you decide that you do not want to continue your relationship, I can then help you separate in the healthiest way possible.

Trauma Therapy

The symptoms of trauma can be due to a known experience you had that was traumatic, or you may have symptoms of trauma even when you don’t know the cause.

The more severe forms of trauma can be caused by abuse in childhood or adulthood (emotional, sexual, physical), the death of a loved one, war combat, accidents, robberies, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, etc. Symptoms of trauma can also be caused by events such as witnessing a car crash, being bullied at school or work, witnessing or watching news coverage of a national disaster or terrorist attack, etc.

Signs that you may benefit from trauma counselling within Melbourne:
Flashbacks to the traumatic incident
Frequent nightmares
Insomnia, lethargy, lack of motivation
Chronic depression or anxiety
Fears that seem irrational
Difficulty making decisions or concentrating
Withdrawing from family and friends
Emotional outbursts of sadness or anger that you can’t seem to control
Low self-esteem and perhaps guilt or shame because you blame yourself for what happened.
Healing trauma can be very difficult to do on your own. Trauma sends the body into a state of “flight” or “fight” and often your brain’s neuro-networks get frozen in this state of trauma. You may then react to non-harmful situations as if there was a danger present. This happens involuntarily and it often requires therapy to release these reactions.

Fortunately, due to the amazing advances in neuro-science, there are many effective ways to heal traumatic symptoms through trauma therapy.