5 Quick Tips for Parenting Young Children in the Age of Coronavirus

5 Quick Tips for Parenting Young Children in the Age of Coronavirus

Parenting is not for the faint of heart, even when the world isn’t facing one of the most significant modern-day health crises.  If you’re struggling to manage all the normal parenthood duties now with the added constant family interaction and home-schooling duties, you’re not alone.  Here’s 5 quick tips to help you and your young kids get through this:

  1. Structure what you can – like us, children crave routine because it helps us feel more in control of our day. Set up a (flexible) schedule throughout the day that includes a timetable for play, clean up time, schoolwork, alone time, exercise, cooking meals, bath time, etc.
  2. Set up a virtual reading roster – need some time away from your kids? Enlist your family, friends, or neighbours to sign up for virtual story time where they read to your kids through Skype or Zoom or FaceTime for 20-30 minutes to give you some time off.
  3. Notice what’s going well – although the world has come crashing down and it’s easy to focus on what’s not going well, praising children can go a long way. Plus, you can give positive feedback for almost anything. For example, “Great job sitting still!” or “I like the way you put your toys away
  4. Speak directly and in the positive – tell children what you would like them to do instead of what you don’t want them to do, as in “Please speak more quietly, like I am” instead of “Stop shouting!”
  5. Give choices –children respond well to child-chosen activities, so try giving your children choices for activities (or chores!) instead of open-ended questions, such as “Do you want to clean up your room now or do you want to help me with folding the laundry?” instead of “When are you going to clean up your room?”


For more parenting advice to help you and your family navigate the Coronavirus pandemic with harmony, including information for single- and separated-parents, check out the below resources:





If you’d like some extra support during this time and you’d like to book in with one of our therapists, contact us at 1300 874 184 or info@couplesmelbourne.com.  Or call ParentLine at 13 22 89 for free, confidential telephone counselling from 8 am to midnight 7 days/week: https://www.education.vic.gov.au/parents/services-for-parents/Pages/parentline.aspx